Neuroshell to MetaTrader4 for Bridge

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The ZagTrader MT4 Bridge has been designed to enable the retrieval of real-time quotes and multiple time-frame historical data through a very easy to use API.

In addition to the quotes and historical data retrieval, the bridge allows to also send orders to the MetaTrader4 terminal with ease.

The bridge allows the user to use it directly from any custom created software, or the use of any of the existing adapters that ship with the bridge, such as Neuroshell Trader. However, if you have Meta Stock, Ninja Trader, or any other tool, the ability to obtain price feeds, historical data and to send new orders to MT4 terminal is as easy as calling a web URL!


The latest MT4 bridge can be found here:

For a detailed guide on the installation and use of the bridge, you can download the quick starter manual from here:

Current version: 1.12
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Trial Request

You have to be a ZagTrader premium subscriber to use the bridge. Any of our premium subscriptions will make it work for you. The minimum subscription required is the ZagTrader RT. You do not need to subscribe to exchanges packages. Just the base subscription of $150.00 per month.

Subscription Required for Usage

If you wish to try the bridge before subscribing, for serious users, we will provide trial access. Please create your free account and request a trial access to ZagTrader RT - mention that you wish to evaluate the MT4 bridge in your contact us form filled in our home page.

Installation Steps

  1. If Meta Trader is currently running, exit the program to allow the installation to continue without interruption.
  2. Run the Setup file, and on the welcome screen, click on Next.
  3. Select Installation Folder of Neuroshell: If you have Neuroshell installed in your PC, select the installation folder of Neuroshell. However, if you do not have Neuroshell installed and you wish to use the bridge's APIs directly, click on Next without changing the path.
  4. Confirm Installation, click on Next.
  5. Meta Trader Plug-in: You must specify the path where Meta Trader 4 is installed on your PC. This usually is a folder found under the "C:\Program Files" folder directly. If you have a 64-bit operating system, then the usual path is found under "C:\Program Files (x86)". Click on Extract.
  6. Installation Complete. Click on Close to finish.

Configuring Meta Trader

  1. Start Meta Trader 4.
  2. Under Expert Advisors in the Navigator Panel, you should be able to see now "ZagTraderMT4Bridge".
  3. Drag the ZagTraderMT4Bridge Expert Advisor into a chart. This shall pop-up the Inputs dialogue box.

    You must fill in the following information:
    ZagTrader Login: This is your login ID to ZagTrader
    ZagTrader Password: Your password to ZagTrader

  4. Configure MetaTrader to allow usage of Expert Advisors:
    1. In MT4 terminal, go to Tools --> Options --> Expert Advisors
    2. Check the "Enable Expert Advisors"
    3. Check the "Allow Live Trading"
    4. Check the "Allow DLL imports"
    5. Check the "Allow external experts imports".
    6. Uncheck all of the other boxes on the same page. Specifically uncheck Confirm DLL Function Call which is checked as the default.

Testing the Bridge

After doing the above, a happy face should show up on one of the charts you selected to add the expert advisor on. This means, the expert advisor selected is now activated.


Open your web browser and browse the following location:

If you see "ZagTraderMT4Bridge" on top, then you are in the right place. If the browser is unable to connect, this means the expert advisor is not able to start its internal web server. You can try to configure the expert advisor to use a different port when you add it. However, port 16384 which is used as standard port is usually not used in any PC.

To be able to test the bridge, you should see your login ID with a greeting. This means, you have been authenticated successfully to use the bridge. However, if you see a "Not Authorized" message on top of the page, this means your supplied credentials were not authorized by ZagTrader, and thus, you cannot use the bridge.

To test the APIs, the page allows you to place orders, retrieve quotes and historical data from Meta Trader.

Note about Historical Data: If you wish to obtain historical data from MT4, then the symbol's chart should be already loaded and it should have the same resolution you are requesting. Example, if you wish to have 1 year daily data, then the symbol chart should be set to D1 (daily). You should click on zoom out and force MT4 to retrieve from the MT4 server the needed history to show on the screen. The same applies to all other time frames (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1).