ZagTrader Avails its New Set of Algorithms for its Execution Management System

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ZagTrader Avails its New Set of Algorithms for its Execution Management System

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
October 8th, 2017

ZagTrader, a Dubai-based technology company specializing in Banking and Capital Markets Solutions, has formally announced today the release of its pre-integrated, pre-built algorithmic trading system, which will be available for use to all of its clients.

The all new ZagTrader Algorithmic trading solution provides access to a set of industry standard algorithmic strategies such as (TWAP & VWAP) in addition to proprietary algorithms developed exclusively by ZagTrader which include the ZagTrader Predator, the ZagTrader Volume Participation, the ZagTrader Liquidity Seeker, and the ZagTrader Implementation Shortfall, along with a toolkit for its clients to build their own proprietary algorithms.
ZagTrader is at the forefront of the industry in its commitment to provide Algorithmic Trading capabilities that have become part of the standard tool-set utilized by the professional trading community. ZagTrader plans to introduce more algorithms for its clients to cover more geographies, asset-classes, and profit objectives. Earlier this year, ZagTrader availed few more third-party Algos developed by ITG to its clients.

We at ZagTrader are always keen to be the pioneers in the region. By availing our newly built-in algorithms, we have redefined the industry standards in the region by empowering our clients with pre-built out of the box algorithms as well as providing our clients with the capability to customize and tailor their models to fit their own requirements.” said Shihab Khalil – CEO of ZagTrader.
Additionally, the ZagTrader Algorithmic trading solution enables traders to manage, monitor, and reparametrize their algorithms in real time through their own trading screens, giving them the ultimate flexibility and control. Furthermore financial institutions running the ZagTrader platform will be able to extend this service to their clients, thus attracting additional flow, retaining trading volumes, and giving the brokers a greater opportunity to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.” Adds Shihab Khalil – CEO of ZagTrader

About ZagTrader:
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