ZagTrader Announces the Release of its New Feature the ZagTrader Instant Messenger

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ZagTrader Announces the Release of its New Feature the ZagTrader Instant Messenger
        As expected from ZagTrader to provide the best services to their clients, ZagTrader has released the ZagTrader instant messenger to their existing clients for the internal communication between the employee's in the workplace.

Since chat and instant messaging has become the preferred way for coworkers to communicate between each other in the workplace, ZagTrader has decided to create the ZagTrader Instant Messenger, since the use of consumer- based messaging technologies can threaten the security and integrity of data, which can create elevated technology risk for the banks and financial institutions.
Some of the unique features of the ZagTrader Instant Messenger:
  • Improved Control: Banks and financial institutions enjoy total control over messaging accounts and the transfer of information within the institution.
  • Encrypted File Transfer: Encrypted data transmission ensures secure file sharing and protects confidential data from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Screenshot capture: Employees will be able to instantly take screenshot and send them directly through the ZagTrader instant messenger.
  • Secure File Transfer: State-of-the-art data encryption delivers secure file transfer capabilities, increasing the value of the institution’s messaging with opportunities to safely attach files for viewing by multiple message recipients.
  • Direct communication with ZagTrader’s support staff: the IT admins will have direct access to communicate with our support staff through the ZagTrader messenger.

About ZagTrader:
ZagTrader provides financial institutions with an integrated complete end to end solution for an order management system, back office, front office, risk management, client management, settlement, along with research and feeds through its data partners.