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ZagTrader ZagTrader is a specialized Financial Technology company and service provider that provides its clients in the brokerage, investment banking, capital markets, and asset management with sophisticated solutions to run their business effectively.
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Fund Management

The ZagTrader Fund Management solution provides an integrated solution that includes the Fund Management Module, OMS+EMS, FIX Bridge, Clearing, Settlement, Custody, Data and Price feeds. This allows the firm to meet all regulatory and systems requirements for a Fund Management business.

With the ZagTrader Fund Management solution, providing a feature set which includes broker neutral access to any broker and algorithmic destinations available; global support on a multi-asset, multi-currency platform, working trade analytics, benchmark comparisons in real-time and robust post-trading. The solution provides a superior experience to Fund Managers across markets and asset classes.

The Buy-side will have the ability to choose its own sell-side partners, with ready connectivity to TSOX, EMSX, DMA, AUTEX, NYFIX, and others, as well as integrated real time global data feeds and corporate actions (splits, dividends, etc.). The ZagTrader Fund Management solution can integrate with any back office/banking system without the need to change the infrastructure.

Fund Management Solutions

Supported Instruments

  • Benchmarking, rebalancing and scenario analysis tools
  • Equities Long / Short
  • Futures Contracts Long / Short
  • Leveraged Forex Long / Short
  • CFDs Long / Short
  • Derivatives Long / Short
  • ETFs Long / Short
  • Bonds and Sukuks
  • Options (Calls, Puts, Naked Calls/Puts)
  • Funds

Ready out of the box Connectivity to

  • Bloomberg TSOX
  • Bloomberg EMSX
  • Bloomberg DMA
  • Thomson Reuters ATR
  • Ullink NYFIX

Global Coverage

  • Covers more than 200 Markets (Including US, Europe, Middle Eastern markets)
  • With more than 200,000 symbols to choose from

Manage Portfolio & Risk

  • Benchmarking, rebalancing and scenario analysis tools
  • Decision support and portfolio management

Enhance Compliance

  • Pre-trade, post-execution and end-of-day compliance
  • Advanced compliance rule building, reporting and complete audit history
  • Scalability to support high volumes of trades, compliance rules, accounts and account groups

Optimize Workflow

  • Customizable workspace
  • Order and execution management solutions
  • Algorithmic trading capabilities
  • Execution management solutions with the ability to route to thousands of destinations, including DMA and dark pools

Lower Operational Risk

  • Post-trade matching, settlement and reconciliation
  • Portfolio accounting
  • Performance measurement
  • Data aggregation and reporting

Giving buy Side Traders the Ability to

  • Manage their single stock and list trading processes
  • Give them access to algorithmic trading and visual trading
  • Pre and post trading transaction analysis
  • Have direct market access
  • Automated order routing
  • Access to real time pricing
  • Market Depth


  • Maker checker deposits that require approval
  • Advanced rebate management system
  • Native payment gateway for accepting and receiving payments
  • Accrued interests on a daily basis
  • Automatic update of listings for global symbologies
  • Dividends and rights issues system
  • Global corporate actions

Research Portal

  • News feed
  • Company profile and financials
  • Peer Group Analysis
  • Value Analysis
  • Advanced Technical Analysis

Flexibility and Scalability

  • Multi lingual interface (English, Arabic) with dictionary based capabilities
  • Open architecture: allows the traders to implement their own unique strategies.
  • Providing white label solutions to other financial institutions
  • Create your own algorithms and rules or connect to any 3rd party algorithmic solution desired.
  • Seamless integration with any 3rd party solutions if needed.
  • The ability to run more than 100,000 symbols simultaneously
  • Extensive user privilege capabilities

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