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At ZagTrader we believe that the digital platforms that provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services are becoming main stream. The rise of the Robo-Advisor services means the consumers are shifting towards using fintech applications for investment management and this is where ZagTrader Robo-Advisor Execution & Pricing Framework steps in.

ZagTrader Robo-Advisor Execution & Pricing Framework is a complete framework that serves the financial planning services platforms by providing a simple implementation for HTTP based APIs over the ZagTrader execution management system that is equipped with global pricing allowing Robo Advisor platforms to:

  • Create structured products
  • Routing the transactions to all over the world
  • Price the structured products due to the available global data feed by ZagTrader
  • Create structured products by quantity or percentage
  • Capabilities of creating the structured products on a daily or weekly basis
  • Automatic upgrading options for the created products
  • Ability to trade for each client individually or over the company‚Äôs prop account
  • Advanced reports, including reports that shows the overall exposure
  • Real time automated orders hedging
  • Custom rules that allows sending orders straight to execution

The ZagTrader platform does not only provides Robo-Advisor services with the execution management and pricing capabilities but also acts as the Back Office providing accounting features and advanced reports for all the trades executed and structured products created.

The ZagTrader Robo-Advisor Execution & Pricing Framework allows all the Robo-Advisor services to tap into the power of order routing, pricing execution and accounting!