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Investment Bank Backoffice

ZagTrader provides the Investment Bank Backoffice solution as a standalone offering to cater to the requirements related to IPO, Private Placement, Structured Product and Custom security activities from a backoffice perspective. The requirements and nature of Initial Public Offerings especially in markets such as MENA where individual investors invest directly creates a significant challenge for capturing and reflecting thousands of investors in the transaction.

The Investment Bank Backoffice solution addresses that and integrates with legacy and core banking systems to properly manage this activity and meet regulatory requirements.

Investment Bank Backoffice Solution
Investment Bank Backoffice Solution

Backoffice Securities & Administrative Data

Complete data capture and management of all Securities, Deal, Transaction and Client level data either through integration with external systems or through the ZagTrader Investment Bank solution:

  • Security Definition
  • Transaction/Deal Definition
  • Fee capture and Custody
  • Support for Book-running and allocation management
  • Regulatory reporting

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