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Broker/Dealer Backoffice

ZagTrader’s Broker/Dealer, Agency Broker or Clearing Member backoffice solution is a subset of our Clearing Member solution which captures the entire trade lifecycle directly, except the actual Execution and Order management which is fed to the solution via FIX.

The solution enables a firm with an existing OMS/EMS to integrate with ZagTrader and cover the key functional, business and regulatory requirements of establishing and managing a Clearing or Agency brokerage firm. The solution captures Middle Office, Client On-boarding and KYC, Clearing & Settlement and Custody management with a certified FIX bridge to the OMS.

Broker/Dealer Backoffice Solution


  • Modules covering Clearing, Settlement and Custody
  • Settlement & Clearing fails management, matching alerts and regulatory capital management
  • Ability to handle trading Settlement on a DVP/RVP basis with external Custodians and Sub-Custodians
  • Automated workflow for preparing and processing Settlement payments, transfers and instructions
  • Corporate Action management and reporting
  • Client Reporting in customized CSV, Text, PDF reports or via direct Client Access updated in real-time

Supported Instruments

  • Equities Long / Short
  • Futures Contracts Long / Short
  • Leveraged Forex Long / Short
  • CFDs Long / Short
  • Derivatives Long / Short
  • ETFs Long / Short
  • Bonds and Sukuks
  • Options (Calls, Puts, Naked Calls/Puts)
  • Funds

Countries / Exchange Coverage

The World-wide End of Day Pricing system displays the Country and Exchange where the security is listed in a 6 letter Exchange code. This code is made up by the 2 letter Country code and four letters from the Exchange name. The table below displays all the Country/Exchange names and codes.

CntryCD Country Exchange MIC
DZ Algeria Algiers Stock Exchange XALG
AR Argentina Buenos Aires Stock Exchange XBUE
AU Australia National Stock Exchange of Australia XNEC
AU Australia Australian Securities Exchange XASX
AT Austria Vienna Stock Exchange XWBO
AZ Azerbaijan Baku Stock Exchange BSEX
BS Bahamas Bahamas International Securities Exchange XBAA
BH Bahrain Bahrain Stock Exchange XBAH
BD Bangladesh Dhaka Stock Exchange XDHA
BD Bangladesh Chittagong Stock Exchange XCHG
BB Barbados Barbados Stock Exchange XBAB
BE Belgium NYSE Euronext Brussels XBRU
BM Bermuda Bermuda Stock Exchange XBDA
BO Bolivia Bolivian Stock Exchange XBOL
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka Stock Exchange XBLB
BW Botswana Botswana Stock Exchange XBOT
BR Brazil BM&F Bovespa - Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange BVMF
BG Bulgaria Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia XBUL
KH Cambodia Cambodia Securities Exchange XCSX
CM Cameroon Douala Stock Exchange XDSX
CA Canada Canadian National Stock Exchange XCNQ
CA Canada TSX Venture Exchange XTSX
CA Canada Toronto Stock Exchange XTSE
CV Cape Verde Cape Verde Stock Exchange XBVC
GG Channel Islands Channel Islands Securities Exchange XCIE
KY Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Stock Exchange XCAY
CL Chile Santiago Stock Exchange XSGO
CL Chile Chilean Electronic Exchange XBCL
CN China Shenzhen Stock Exchange XSHE
CN China Shanghai Stock Exchange XSHG
CO Colombia Colombian Stock Exchange XBOG
CR Costa Rica National Stock Exchange (Costa Rica) XBNV
HR Croatia Zagreb Stock Exchange XZAG
CY Cyprus Cyprus Stock Exchange XCYS
CZ Czech Republic Prague Stock Exchange XPRA
DK Denmark Nasdaq OMX Nordic Copenhagen XCSE
DO Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Stock Exchange XBVR
EC Ecuador Guayaquil Stock Exchange XGUA
EC Ecuador Quito Stock Exchange XQUI
EG Egypt Egyptian Exchange XCAI
SV El Salvador El Salvador Stock Exchange XSVA
EE Estonia Nasdaq OMX Baltic Tallinn XTAL
EU Europe BATS Europe BATE
FJ Fiji South Pacific Stock Exchange XSPS
FI Finland Nasdaq OMX Nordic Helsinki XHEL
FI Finland FIVESL  
FR France NYSE Euronext Paris XPAR
DE Germany Berlin-Bremen Stock Exchange XBER
DE Germany XETRA Frankfurt XETR
DE Germany Stuttgart Stock Exchange XSTU
DE Germany Hanover Stock Exchange XHAN
DE Germany Munich Stock Exchange XMUN
DE Germany Hamburg Stock Exchange XHAM
DE Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange XFRA
DE Germany Dusseldorf Stock Exchange XDUS
GH Ghana Ghana Stock Exchange XGHA
GR Greece Athens Exchange ASEX
GT Guatemala National Stock Exchange (Guatemala) XGTG
HK Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange XHKG
HU Hungary Budapest Stock Exchange XBUD
IS Iceland Nasdaq OMX Nordic Iceland XICE
IN India National Stock Exchange of India XNSE
IN India Bombay Stock Exchange XBOM
ID Indonesia Indonesian Stock Exchange XIDX
IR Iran Tehran Stock Exchange XTEH
IQ Iraq Iraq Stock Exchange XIQS
IE Ireland Irish Stock Exchange XDUB
IL Israel Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange XTAE
IT Italy Mercato Alternativo MACX
IT Italy Italian Exchange MTAA
CI Ivory Coast Regional Stock Exchange of West Africa XBRV
JM Jamaica Jamaica Stock Exchange XJAM
JP Japan Osaka Securities Exchange XOSE
JP Japan Nagoya Stock Exchange XNGO
JP Japan Jasdaq Securities Exchange XJAS
JP Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange XTKS
JO Jordan Amman Stock Exchange XAMM
KZ Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Stock Exchange XKAZ
KE Kenya Nairobi Stock Exchange XNAI
KR Korea (South) KOSDAQ XKOS
KR Korea (South) Korea Stock Exchange XKRX
KW Kuwait Kuwait Stock Exchange XKUW
KG Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz Stock Exchange XKSE
LA Laos Lao Securities Exchange XLAO
LV Latvia Nasdaq OMX Baltic Riga XRIS
LB Lebanon Beirut Stock Exchange XBEY
LT Lithuania Nasdaq OMX Baltic Vilnius XLIT
LU Luxembourg Luxembourg Stock Exchange XLUX
MK Macedonia Macedonian Stock Exchange XMAE
MW Malawi Malawi Stock Exchange XMSW
MY Malaysia Malaysian Exchange XKLS
MT Malta Malta Stock Exchange XMAL
MU Mauritius Stock Exchange of Mauritius XMAU
MX Mexico Mexican Stock Exchange XMEX
MN Mongolia Mongolian Stock Exchange XULA
MA Morocco Casablanca Stock Exchange XCAS
NA Namibia Namibian Stock Exchange XNAM
NP Nepal Nepal Stock Exchange XNEP
NL Netherlands NYSE Euronext Amsterdam XAMS
NZ New Zealand NZX XNZE
NG Nigeria Nigerian Stock Exchange XNSA
NO Norway Oslo Axess XOAS
NO Norway Oslo Bors Alternative Bond Market XOAM
NO Norway Oslo Bors XOSL
NO Norway Norwegian over the counter market NOTC
OM Oman Muscat Securities Market XMUS
PK Pakistan Karachi Stock Exchange XKAR
PS Palestine Palestine Securities Exchange XPAE
PA Panama Panama Stock Exchange XPTY
PY Paraguay Asuncion Stock Exchange XVPA
PE Peru Lima Stock Exchange XLIM
PH Philippines Philippine Stock Exchange XPHS
PL Poland Warsaw Stock Exchange XWAR
PT Portugal NYSE Euronext Lisbon XLIS
QA Qatar Qatar Exchange DSMD
RO Romania Bucharest Stock Exchange XBSE
RU Russia Russian Trading System RTSX
RU Russia Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange MISX
RW Rwanda Rwanda Stock Exchange RSEX
SA Saudi Arabia Saudi Stock Exchange XSAU
RS Serbia Belgrade Stock Exchange XBEL
SG Singapore Singapore Exchange XSES
SK Slovak Republic Bratislava Stock Exchange XBRA
SI Slovenia Ljubljana Stock Exchange XLJU
ZA South Africa JSE Securities Exchange XJSE
ES Spain Bilbao Stock Exchange XBIL
ES Spain AIAF - Fixed Income Market XDRF
ES Spain Barcelona Stock Exchange XBAR
ES Spain Sistema Espanol De Negociacion De Activos Financie XNAF
ES Spain Madrid Stock Exchange XMAD
ES Spain Spanish Stock Exchange Interconnection System XMCE
ES Spain Mercado Alternativo Bursatil MABX
ES Spain Valencia Stock Exchange XVAL
LK Sri Lanka Colombo Stock Exchange XCOL
KN St. Kitts & Nevis East caribbean Stock Exchange XECS
SD Sudan Khartoum Stock Exchange XKHA
SZ Swaziland Swaziland Stock Exchange XSWA
SE Sweden Nasdaq OMX Nordic Stockholm XSTO
SE Sweden AktieTorget Stock Exchange XSAT
CH Switzerland Six Swiss Exchange XSWX
CH Switzerland Scoach Switzerland XQMH
SY Syria Damascus Securities Exchange XDSE
TW Taiwan Gre Tai Securities Market (OTC) ROCO
TW Taiwan Taiwan Stock Exchange XTAI
TZ Tanzania Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange XDAR
TH Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand XBKK
TT Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange XTRN
TN Tunisia Tunis Stock Exchange XTUN
TR Turkey Istanbul Stock Exchange XIST
UG Uganda Uganda Securities Exchange XUGA
UA Ukraine PFTS Stock Exchange PFTS
UA Ukraine Ukrainian Stock Exchange XUAX
AE United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Securities Market XADS
AE United Arab Emirates Dubai Financial Market XDFM
AE United Arab Emirates Nasdaq Dubai DIFX
GB United Kingdom GEMMA (Gilt Edged Market Maker Association) GEMX
GB United Kingdom London Stock Exchange Electronic Quotation SEAQ
GB United Kingdom London Stock Exchange XLON
US United States US Composite (NYSE, NASDAQ) USCOMP
US United States Non Nasdaq OTC BB OTCB
US United States New York Stock Exchange XNYS
US United States NASDAQ Stock Market XNAS
US United States NYSE Arca ARCX
US United States Chicago Stock Exchange XCHI
US United States OTC Bulletin Board XOTC
US United States NYSE Amex XASE
US United States National Stock Exchange (USA) XCIS
UY Uruquay Montevideo Stock Exchange XMNT
VE Venezuela Caracas Stock Exchange XCAR
VN Vietnam Hochiminh Stock Exchange XSTC
VN Vietnam Hanoi Stock Exchange HSTC
ZM Zambia Lusaka Stock Exchange XLUS
ZW Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Stock Exchange XZIM

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