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FIX/API Connectivity

FIX and seamless Connectivity is at the core of ZagTrader solutions with a dedicated team of technologists who have years of experience integrating across multiple markets, systems, routing networks and protocols we pride ourselves on the ability to connect and integrate financial markets systems.

This capability is built upon a proprietary FIX standardization layer which enables our Clients to benefit from that experience by enabling most FIX connections via a simple GUI in a point and click manner. This provides for a high level of system stability and robustness as exchanges and destinations may push new tags from time to time however through standardization, we ensure our internal messages are consistent and properly handled.


  • High throughput FIX bridges and connectors
  • Point and click FIX connectivity tool, enabling IT teams to take control of their infrastructure
  • Customizable FIX adapters with proven capabilities to connect to any ‘flavor’ of FIX
  • Rest and Websocket API capabilities and adapters
  • Integration with legacy systems which may lack native FIX support
  • Receive an Route messages to global institutions, networks and venues
  • Standard connectivity with EMSX, AUTEX, TSOX, NYFIX, CRD and many others

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