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Investment Accounting Management

ZagTrader Investment Accounting Manager

Institutional -Grade Accounting Software

A scalable and modular investment accounting software that supports an exhaustive range of investment types, asset classes and accounting methodologies.

Our investment management solution offers seamless integrated workflows for all your financial instruments and end-of-period processing, it can help you efficiently handle all your financial reporting tasks, It also has a complete overview of your transactions and positions for holdings and tax lots, including preliminary P/L & ledger accounting.

Transaction and Position Based Accounting

Integrated and seamless processing interface manages your company’s financial instruments in one place with access to real-time data available for performance analysis and reporting at all times.

A fully automated and flexible technology enables you to save time and reduce operational risk. ZagTrader Accounting system provides you with automation of daily tasks such as daily, monthly, or yearly or quarterly administrative and accounting work –amortization, accruals, mark-to-market, and calculation of realized or un-realized P/L. Multi-asset and currency coverage ensures and efficient mark-to-market process.

You have complete control over your assets and auditing, with online access to full pricing documentation and financial reports such as:

  • G/L report
  • Financial position (balance sheet)
  • Capital Adequacy
  • Multi-financial transaction report
  • Income statement
  • Payable / receivable aged
  • Journal Vouchers and invoices

and so many more extensive out of box default 250+ reporting capability and custom templates.

The STP functionality lets you replace time-consuming work with batch processing with fully automated workflows all including alerts functionality to give you an overview of data values and related expectations so that you can act quickly.

Designed to give you an edge on a fast and efficient way to extend data, including security masters, pricing, accounting and risk measurement throughout your enterprise.

Innovative API driven connectivity with cloud technology stacks and efficient framework based on agile methodologies has enabled ZagTrader to move brick and mortar financial institutions to obtain a viable competitive edge and ensure better innovation, profitability, and expansion to new markets and subsequently staying in the game.

Accounting and Reporting

  • Trade and monitor all types of asset classes / securities including equities, fixed income, private placement, art, REIT, futures, options, commodities, syndicated loans, credit and derivative instruments.
  • Work in a single seamless environment without having to interface with multiple systems. If needed can also connect to 3rd party systems to scale your infrastructure.
  • Automated corporate actions: Capital assignments, redemptions, subscriptions and contributions.
  • Set-up and management fees, accruals, etc.
  • Complete integrated general ledger: Trial balance, income statement, financial ledger, financial statements and general ledger by transaction.
  • Cash and position reconciliation to prime brokers or 3rd party destinations.
  • Supports prime -broker relationship and allows to track various pools of investments.
  • Risk reporting and current exposure: a comprehensive dashboard and reports that enable portfolio managers to monitor risk, exposure, wallets, performance indicators all in one place, and in real-time.
  • A one-stop shop to monitor your activity at a glance.
  • Real-Time Investment Book of Record that supports all business functions -from front office and risk through to compliance, investment accounting, asset allocation and collateral management.
  • Consistent and real-time data and analytics to all business functions across various investment processes such as dashboards, reports, charts, fundamental data, what-if scenarios, events, corporate actions (equity markets), alerts and notifications.
  • Produce real-time P&L reports, historical P&L and a daily NAV of the fund including all fees related to your fund (performance and management fees, commissions, costs etc..).
  • Provide real-time position monitoring & smart Order Routing: Access Crypto market liquidity from multiple venues and counterparts, all in one place, thus Optimize your trade execution through our institutional trading algorithms and Smart Order Routing.


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Real time lien and calculation of fees and charges with complete audit and reporting.

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Real time synchronization and access to core banking system

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