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Margin & Collateral Management

Margin & Collateral Management is a product that enables Clearing Members, Brokers, Prime Brokers and Custodians to provide the necessary funding and leverage for their Customers to trade, finance and manage exposure in financial markets in a seamless and efficient manner. Integration with the ZagTrader OMS and EMS allows for Margin Management, compliance with regulatory controls such as RegT and maximum LTV rates, trading, volatility and risk halts and the overall management of a Margin book.

An ability to support multiple asset classes including derivatives, equities, securities, markets and rules. Margin can be managed on a Portfolio, Security or Client level with concentration limits applicable at each of those levels. Margin finance is a complex activity that could expose an institution to significant risk without unless they employ tight controls, real-time risk management and reporting; all fully enabled in this product. Additional features includes multi-layer event, volatility and pricing overlays to actively manage Margin financing transactions while optimizing the fee structure and utilization of funding.

Key Features

  • Multiple Margin & Collateral calculation methodologies
  • Portfolio level and Security level Margin rates and calculations
  • Regulatory compliance with RegT and any other Margin funding requirements
  • Integration with OMS, Clearing & Settlement and Custody systems
  • Real-time Margin book exposure, LTV, VaR and Risk reporting
  • Margin Agreement on-boarding, KYC, and document management


  • Trade Natural on Multiple Routing Networks
  • High Scalability
  • Easily Integrated
  • Asset Management
  • Real-Time Transaction & Processing
  • On Demand Reports Production
  • Institutional Trading Tools
  • High Performance
  • Cost Efficient
  • Conveniently hosted at your side or over the ZagCloud

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