ZagTrader Announces its Readiness to Support the upcoming UAE Markets' Short-Selling Initiatives

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ZagTrader Announces its Readiness to Support the upcoming UAE Markets' Short-Selling Initiatives

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sunday, January 15, 2017

Following the news from Abu Dhabi Exchange (ADX) and Dubai Financial Market (DFM) of introducing the technical short selling to their members, and in line with our strategy to boost the liquidity and promote investment opportunities within the UAE Capital Markets, Zag Financial Technologies (Zag FinTech) is pleased to announce that its flagship product, ZagTrader, has availed the short selling feature on its world-class global trading platform. Through ZagTrader platform, its clients who trade in the UAE markets will be able to use the technical short selling seamlessly as a hedging strategy against their clients’ portfolio risk. Being the first trading system provider to announce support to this unique feature, ZagTrader has made it available for its existing clients as part of its standard feature roll-out at no additional cost.

Together, Zag FinTech and the UAE Exchanges, ADX and DFM, will work closely to raise the market awareness on the importance of applying short selling as a hedging tool to attract further interest from foreign investors, thereby propelling trading volumes to match the global markets. As such, Zag FinTech will organize its first educational workshop in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Exchange (ADX) to its clients to ensure that they are well equipped and ready to introduce this feature to their investors in a timely and efficient manner. More news on the workshop will be communicated to you directly.

On a separate note, ZagTrader was the only platform that enabled trading on Nasdaq Dubai’s equity futures directly through its global OMS platform to its clients. Consequently, the ZagTrader equipped financial services companies  are currently executing approx. 70% of Nasdaq Dubai’s Futures Market turnover through its trading platform.

Partnered with leading regional and global financial markets, data providers, order routing networks, and technology framework providers, Zag FinTech will continue to provide a highly integrated ecosystem that brings the expertise, unique customer experience, state-of-the-art technology and facilities of all the market participants together to ZagTrader's valued clients from the leading financial services firms regionally and globally.