ZagTrader Expands Its Reach To The US With Digital Gamma For Cryptocurrency Trading

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ZagTrader Expands Its Reach To The US With Digital Gamma For Cryptocurrency Trading

New York, USA – 6th of September, 2018.

ZagTrader, a financial technology company specializing in banking and capital market solutions, has signed a partnership agreement with Digital Gamma (USA), a leading prime broker in Crypto Assets, to provide them with a complete end-to-end turnkey solution for Crypto Asset Order Management System.
Following extensive due diligence, Digital Gamma selected ZagTrader for its turnkey solution that stands out in terms of unique offering and capabilities which will deliver multiple functions to put the services offered by Digital Gamma at superior level compared to industry peers.

Such functions include:

  • Simplifying account opening and creation, allowing one account to trade across multiple crypto exchanges with ease.
  • The ability for customers to lend crypto for income or borrow for short positions.
  • Real-time Auto Arbitrage that will take advantage of the price differences based on crossed bid and ask prices in various exchanges.
  • Careful management of all customer assets, using proprietary collateral management models and keeping excess reserves in cold storage.
  • The ability to get the best liquidity across multiple exchanges.
  • Real-time integrated back office, customer on boarding, risk management, compliance and accounting with customized reports tailored for the crypto assets.
  • Using advanced institutional trading tools to take better advantage of such liquid markets.

“Our growing number of clients over the past few months within crypto-currency market, has proven the tremendous demand for an integrated end-to-end platform like ours” said Shihab Khalil, CEO of ZagTrader “We have recently expanded our global foot print in the Americas by opening our new regional offices in Toronto, Canada, which will handle the onboarding process, operations and support to Digital Gamma, working side by side will boost and encourage a positive collaboration. We are looking forward to grow their business in this rapidly evolving market.” Adds Shihab Khalil
“Institutions are looking for familiar access.By access, we refer to not only the tools that provide the interface for trading, but, in addition, compliance with the regulatory framework within which they are required to operate and the financing infrastructure that enables efficient markets.Digital Gamma provides all three via its advanced trading software, digital-back office services, and the creation of a cryptocurrency repo market.While there is an immediate and urgent need for cryptocurrency borrowing, that need will ultimately drive a collateralized loan market (repo) that will become the financing backbone for this emerging asset.”Remarked Ari Pine

About ZagTrader:
Headquartered in Dubai since 2009 with a large development and support offices and business partner’s network across the globe. ZagTrader is a leading technology company specialized in the global financial services industry including banking and capital markets. ZagTrader provides a world-class end-to-end integrated trading platform to serve its clients from banks and financial institutions with agility and innovation. For additional information, visit

About Digital Gamma:
Digital Gamma is quickly becoming synonymous with best-in-class institutional digital prime brokerage.  Leveraging decades of capital markets experience, the Digital Gamma team is committed to providing a gateway specific to the needs of the professional and institutional community.  Combining technology, compliance and operational capacity, Digital Gamma customers will have access to best-execution in crypto – which requires access to a multitude of liquidity venues, algorithmic trading tools, and a safe borrow/lend environment.  For additional information, visit