ZagTrader Officially Releases its Crypto Market Making Edition

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ZagTrader Officially Releases its Crypto Market Making Edition

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
April 12, 2020
ZagTrader, a specialized technology company for Banking and Capital Markets Solutions, has officially released its' Market Making edition for the crypto community. The Market Maker edition of ZagTrader is designed for the specific needs of market makers, and arbitrageurs in digital assets world. Where Market Makers can run multiple different algorithms with high throughputs and low latencies within multiple markets and execute institutional grade market making strategies in such markets.
With over a decade of experience supporting liquidity providers such as securities, derivatives, forex and cryptocurrency markets. ZagTrader Market Making platform has enabled its customers to have control over all aspects of market making operations such as providing liquidity with rule based parameters, spread between buy and sell orders, manage inventory balance, automatically hedge positions; along with advanced features such as Smart Order Routing, VWAP, TWAP, Sniper, Arbitrage and various advanced order types.
The Market Making Edition of ZagTrader has been developed with dedicated modes for Hedge Funds, Crypto Exchanges and Token Issuers helping them with fully automated market neutral strategies, enable tokens to get initial traction and show value to their investors and empower crypto exchanges to build a healthy organic liquidity on their respective markets.

  • Trade crypto pairs on multiple exchanges and liquidity pools that generate real trade volume.
  • Host it in your own private cloud or through us with Microsoft Azure.
  • Enjoy simple Web front-end for configuring, running, and monitoring your trading strategies.
  • Utilize flexible pricing engine to control your price quotes.
  • Set up risk limits at trading level, currency/asset level, and at system level.
  • Use RESTful API for programmatic management of trading and risk rules and connect to various execution destinations.
  • Utilize highly customizable hedging logic configurator that best fits your needs.
  • Perform real-time monitoring of trading statistics including day trading volume, open volume on the market, P&L.
  • Receive/View trading alerts via email SMS and notifications.
  • Use Trade Reports and Wallet Balance Monitoring.

The ZagTrader Market Making and Liquidity Provision solution is a combination of more than one product that delivers an end-to-end offering for firms involved in this activity. The risk and market exposure that Market Making / Liquidity Provision entails absolutely requires an automated, risk controlled and high-speed system. With dedicated algorithms for each type of activity The ZagTrader Market Making solution allows firms to comply with regulatory, business and risk requirements while working to maximize the profitability.

Furthermore, ZagTrader is expanding its reach to target the investors directly by introducing its new Social Trading Platform which will be announced later this year, the new social trading platform of ZagTrader will allow individuals to have a consolidated portfolio across multiple exchange in both traditional and digital markets, follow and copy trades of top influencers, integrate their own custom developed API’s and execute in desired markets. And much more.

About ZagTrader:
Headquartered in Dubai since 2009 with a large development and support offices and business partner’s network across the globe. ZagTrader is a leading technology company specializing in global financial services industry including banking and capital markets. ZagTrader provides a world-class end-to-end integrated trading platform to serve its clients from banks and financial institutions with agility and innovation  
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