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Treasury and Risk Management System

Optimize your Treasury and Risk Management operations with an integrated technology platform

ZagTrader integrated Treasury & Risk Management system is designed to allow corporations to manage their cash, debt, investments, assets and manage various types of risks under one roof.

Scalable solution with extensible functionality

Cash & Risk Management

Real time audit and tracking

Enhance productivity with automation

Seamless interface integrates with core banking and 3rd party systems

Real Time full accounting with support for hedge accounting

Minimize risk & adhere to compliance

Minimize TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

The ZagTrader Treasury & Risk Management System is a one stop shop that will simplify all your operations offering one-touch, real-time view of overall risk and cash positions with connectivity and integration. With ZagTrader you will be able to support all your operations, by having tools to overview a complete risk and investment decisions, so you can focus on your core strength.

Bring Liquidity, Risk, and Profitability Together in one Screen

Key Features

  • Cash Management: Track cash positions, Automation reconciliation
  • Interest Rate & FX Movement: Transparent mark to market valuations, Rate feed interfacing, VaR and risk management
  • Debt & Investment Management: Modeling, Revaluation of instruments, Handle multi asset classes with global data feeds including debt instruments and Order Management and Trading
  • Automated workflows and processes
  • Manage Risk in Real Time: Auto-hedging of exposures, Inter-company lending, payment integration or integrations or core banking, robust process and security controls
  • Treasury Dashboard: Different weighing factors and cash positions based on segments such as legal entities, sectors, geographies, and asset classes.
  • Local and international cash balances including record of daily activities with complete audit trails
  • Real time transaction and processing
  • Robust compliance engine
  • Extensive reporting capabilities in addition to on demand reports production for unlimited viewing. Dynamic Reporting with Real-time or batched reports built using industry standard reporting methodologies. Full Audit reporting with complete transparency to all underlying calculations used in creating market value, hedge accounting, and risk positions
  • Auto rebalancing capabilities and Revaluation of instruments that nicely integrates between the buy side and sell side of the platform
  • Complete end to end accounting: P&L on open positions, cash positions, currency positions along with exposures, accounting results, and other key metrics
  • Conveniently hosted at your side or over the Zag Cloud.

Efficient Treasury management with multiple structure views with wide financial instruments and multi asset class support

Today, technology has changed the landscape of treasury management and brought in a greater degree of accuracy and efficiency, enabling corporations to deliver the best of industry services and increase profitability.

ZagTrader enables financial institutions and businesses to achieve greater integration improve risk management optimize capital allocation and effectively manage operations and with better benchmarking and transparency of services.

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